Winter Home Improvement Tips

Quinns Building Services in Rapid City, SD, understands that winter can be a tough season. Many folks come down with a mild case of the blues. That’s why Quinns Building believes that winter home improvement projects are not only good for the lifespan of your home, but for the health of your mind and body, too.

“You can beat the winter blues by getting off the couch and doing a small home repair project or two,” said Marty Quinn, owner of Quinns Building Services in Rapid City. “When it’s cold and blustery outside, it’s the perfect time to stay warm and work on a project inside! That way, when spring comes, you can go out and enjoy the nicer weather.”

Quinn recommends taking on small winter projects that can be accomplished within a few days or weeks, since the holidays also require time and energy. First, homeowners can consider repainting a room or the entire house. Repainting instantly lifts the mood, and it isn’t too difficult to do on your own. Do you have a room that needs new flooring? Winter is the perfect time to install new carpet, laminate, or tiles. Or if hardwood floors are your thing, rip out the carpet and invest in some warm new rugs to place under your feet! Bathrooms are also great areas to spruce up during wintertime. Re-grout tile, replace a faucet or a cracked sink, get a new toilet seat, and do deep cleaning work.

Adding insulation is another project you can accomplish during winter. Go into your attic and examine your existing insulation. You are heading into the coldest months of the year, so you will need as much warmth as you can get. If you can see the floor joists, then it’s safe to say that you need additional insulation. You can also add insulation in your crawl spaces and basement to prevent heat loss and lower utility bills.

Finally, look around the house and declutter as many rooms as possible. When you’re going stir-crazy during winter months, focusing on organizing a room will help you gain sanity. Now is the time to discard furniture you don’t use, clothes you don’t need, and to start thinking about making a fresh start in the year ahead.

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