Trending Now in Kitchen Design

Is your kitchen looking so 1990s (or maybe even 1970s)? Then it might be time for a redesign or remodel to bring your kitchen’s appearance up-to-date. Kitchen design is trending big in 2016. Think about it: the kitchen is often the family’s gathering place. It’s where everyone joins forces in the morning to eat a quick breakfast and make school lunches. It’s where the family meets again in the evening, as dinner is prepared and families finally have a chance to sit down and discuss their days together. In 2016, when everyone is so rushed and busy, family kitchen time is more important than ever before—so that means kitchen aesthetics are also significant.

“Families want to feel comfortable in their kitchens, because it’s where a lot of life happens,” said Marty Quinn, owner of Quinn’s Building Services in Rapid City, SD. “At the same time, people want their kitchens to portray a certain visual vibe. It’s a place to showcase what you value aesthetically.”

It often takes a while for design trends to appear in South Dakota, but Quinn’s Building, which specializes in residential and commercial construction, has noticed some trends trickling through the Black Hills.

One of those trends centers on the color palette of the kitchen. Charcoal, gray, pale blue, pale green, pale purple, and tinted whites are the new hot colors for 2016 and Quinn’s Building Services is proud to offer internal (and external) painting services. Lighter wood tones, like walnut, are also showing up while wood mantle hoods are often being replaced with metal range hoods. The same goes for other metal accents, from faucets and pendant lights to cabinet pulls and door handles.

Texture-on-texture designs are also becoming popular. It isn’t about mixing and matching textures, but repositioning the same texture in different patterns throughout the kitchen. “It requires great attention to detail to achieve a subtle but effective texturing pattern,” said Quinn. The appearance of the kitchen floor is a great place to add dimension to the room and Quinn’s Building offers both epoxy and flake flooring systems.

Like everything else in 2016, kitchens are trending toward becoming illuminated smart machines. Extensively lit cabinetry with LED lighting is more the norm. This allows for variations in lighting that can be set depending on desired mood and tone.

Kitchens are also turning toward having convenient, designated spots for smart devices, like phones, tablets, and of course, televisions. Space for state-of-the-art appliances is also popular, from built-in-coffee machines to wine coolers to steam ovens.

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