Bathroom Remodel Ideas

With winter coming to an end, most homeowners start to feel the need to finish up their to-do list before warmer weather hits. If bathroom remodel has been on your list of things to accomplish this winter, we have a few ideas on how to get an updated look without breaking the bank.

Update Flooring

Since bathroom areas are usually the smallest room in the house, they are generally the cheapest and easiest to update flooring wise. If your bathroom has old tile or linoleum, make sure you pull it up to start with a fresh base. The easiest flooring options to install are floating hardwood or Snapstone interlocking tiles.

Update Counters

Updating a bathroom counter can seem like a nightmare but in truth, it's relatively easy if you go the concrete route. Once the old counter is removed, you can build a frame for the concrete countertop. The reason we suggest concrete? You can keep the traditional stone look or you can add in color to make the counters truly pop.

Adding Backsplash

Adding backsplash to your bathroom is probably one of the easiest updates you can make as a homeowner. We recommend using tile that comes in squares as opposed to sheets of the tile where the pieces are offset. When you use complete squares, you very rarely need a tile saw to get the job done.

Updating bathrooms in the winter can help cure cabin fever and give your home a fresh look perfect for spring!

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