Winter Remodel Ideas

Winter has finally set in in the Black Hills and the snow will soon be falling soon. With the long winter months ahead of us, it's time to start planning for your winter home projects.

Most people believe that summer is the best time to complete remodel projects but winter can be just as equally beneficial to the remodel process. If you are in the mood to update your house but aren't sure where to start, here are a few ideas to get the creative juices flowing.

  • Install radiant floor heating: Who doesn't love warm feet throughout the winter? Install radiant heating in your bathroom or kitchen to keep your toes toasty! Not only does it provide comfort but it's energy efficient as well.
  • Update your fireplace: Tired of looking at the same old fireplace? Update the look with fresh paint or a new face. Depending on the type of fireplace you have, the possibilities are endless for a fun and updated look. Painting bricks white can give your living room a bigger and brighter feel while adding new colored stones to your gas fireplace can provide a festive look.
  • Create a 'man cave' or a 'she den': Okay we know that 'she-den' isn't really a term right now but we are making it one. While you typically hear 'she-shed', we don't think you should limit yourself to just the garden. Creating a special space within the house can have calming effects and give you or the woman you love a special place to retreat to. The same goes for a 'man-cave'. No matter who gets the new space, there are limitless options for making it special like adding new furniture, putting decals on the walls with new drapes and placing a few unique decorative pieces that match with the vibe of the new space.
  • Update entry way for a clutter free area: Have you had enough with boots, shoes, coats and bags being slung every which direction in your entry way? Clean up the clutter with new hooks for coats and bags and a bench with space beneath to neatly stack shoes or boots. Cleaning up the entry way can give your home a welcoming and relaxing feel each and every day you come home.

Whatever your idea for winter remodels or projects, don't let the winter blues get in your way. Take advantage of being inside by creating unique and inviting spaces throughout your home.

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