Preparing your house for winter

Although we have been blessed with warm weather in Western South Dakota, that warm front almost always comes to an end. Winter will inevitably hit the Black Hills area and when it does, we want you to be prepared for the worst. Below we offer a list of easy tasks that you can complete to ensure your house is prepared for winter.

  • Seal attic leaks: Did you know that attic leaks can allow up to 30% of your heat to leak outdoors? That's a lot of heat and money that can be wasted, especially during long winter months. The best way to find attic leaks is to pull back insulation to check for any minor cracks or holes, especially around ducts and wiring.
  • Replace furnace filters monthly: This is important all year but especially in the winter when your house is closed up for several months at a time. Replacing filters every month ensures that your furnace is running properly and the air quality is regulated, cutting down on allergens and those pesky winter cold germs.
  • Insulate your hot water heater: If you have live in a home with an older hot water heater, make sure that you wrap it in a blanket of insulation. Almost all new hot water heaters come insulated. If you aren't sure whether yours is or not, check with the manufacturer by providing them with the model number.
  • Use window coverings: Cover up your windows with plastic film or window coverings that you can find at any home improvement store. This cuts down on the amount of heat that can escape and keeps the cold air out, especially if your home has older windows.

Following all of these steps can ensure a warmer house for winter and a lower energy bill during long winter months.

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