Enercept Homes


Quinn’s Building Service believes in creating homes for the Black Hills community that are energy efficient and cost-effective. Utilizing Enercept structural insulated panels, also known as SIPs, Quinn’s is able to produce a home that is stronger, quieter, safer and 50% more energy efficient than traditional stick build homes.

Quinn’s believes in using Enercept because of their complete pre-engineered building system. This system allows Enercept SIPs to be fully customized. Once the SIPs are factory cut and framed with rough openings and electrical chases, the panels are connected by a structural insulated post to form an unbroken thermal shell.

Using less materials than stick build homes, Enercept SIPS produce less on-site waste and provide high-quality insulation within their airtight structure.

Generally, the finished cost of an Enercept SIP structure will be comparable to stick framing. The incredible energy savings of the Enercept system will pay for the difference in cost to build a new Enercept home and will continue to save you money throughout the life of your home.

At Quinn’s, we will walk you through the entire process of building an energy efficient home and will provide you with various options on how to build the home of your dreams while reducing your carbon footprint.